How to Protect Your Google Reputation

Knowing how you are being portrayed on Google is almost as important as knowing your credit score, with the rise in identity theft today, one can never be too careful when it comes to protecting his or her reputation on Google. When planning your internet marketing goals on Google or any other online platform, you need to consider reputation management. As you are trying to build your online presence, you are going to make use of several marketing techniques, and being able to manage your Google reputation is a component of your online life that needs to be taken seriously, if you want your reputation to stay protected.

When it comes to protecting your reputation on Google, remember that reputation management is the process of protecting and caring for your business’ reputation and good name. You might be using Google for business or simply for personal use, in any case, protecting your reputation is as important as maintaining the business itself.

Google Search Reputation Protection

When your business or profile is all good, and customers like your products and services, the good news spreads easily, likewise if you make a mistake in your online business, it doesn’t take long for the word to spread, once that happens, you are left trying to fix your online reputation. Protecting your reputation on Google is a task that isn’t very hard, especially if you use online reviews and your Google search results as an online marketing and branding tool.

Display competency and integrity online

If you make use of Google My Business, you need to sell products and services in which you are proficient in handling. You should sell and promote only products you are proud of, this implies that you need to deliver your service, when you promise and how you promise your clients. This act is guaranteed to drastically increase trust and protect your Google reputation.

Get good feedback and encourage positive reviews

Another good habit you need to develop, is to put feedback mechanisms in place, which would help you in improving the reputation of your products and services, or simply changing your name on Google Search results. Individuals often use review and ratings websites, such as Yelp and Google Maps, in expressing their opinion about the services they receive.  Be sure to keep track of which review sites your business is listed on and check these sites regularly, in order to gain useful insights on how to protect your Google reputation.

Associate your name with positive content on search results

Develop positive content and post on as many websites as possible, this content should carry your name as the author and links to your personal website, where a true picture of who you are can be found. If someone is out to distort your reputation on Google, having good content come up on internet searches will go a long way in protecting your name, brand and image online. This can also be achieved by making use of good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

In managing your online content, make sure that your positive content shows up in search results as often as possible and ranks as high on Google as possible. Although it might take some time to build links and promote the positive content, it’s important that you take care to manage and protect your Google reputation, it is worth it at the end of the day.

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